Waterstorage in Sports Fields


Water storage in sports fields is developed and certified as alternative sub base for sports fields. It has been tested and approved by FIFA accredited test institute (ISA-sport) for sports application.


This water storage sub base can be applied directly under artificial grass top layers. It replaces the crushed stone or asphalt sub base layers. It is suitable for all artificial grass systems for football, hockey, korfball, rugby and tennis. The product is also a part of a FIFA approved artificial grass football ** construction.


This water storage system ,Permavoid-sport, is extremely light and is characterized by a great compressive strength (715kN/m2, taking into account 20% safety margin). The product has a very strong plate formation, this leads to a very flat field, an equalizing and liberating effect with unequal settings in the subsurface and low pressure on the surface. That makes the product also very suitable for application on soft soils, landfills and to build sports fields without excavation of subsoil.


With over 90% hollow space responds to the increasing need for water storage. This water storage will help to save water and this storage gives options for water re-use for sprinkling or drinking water or …


It replaces the traditional drainage under fields.


It is a durable product. It is manufactured from recycled polypropylene and can be 100% recycled again after use. It is also Permavoid-sports withdrawable and repositionable.



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