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The importance of sport in society is large. Every week, the (outdoor) sports facilities are visited by millions of people. To meet the need for sports fields there should be at least 40.000 sport fields (or more) in South Africa. Not all the fields required are there at this moment. There is still a big challenge to give everybody the opportunity to sport.


The municipalities, schools and sports clubs play an important role in the management and use of these sports facilities.

In an environment where there are tight budgets, the maintenance is a problem, where the user requirements are difficult to meet, political decisions are unpredictable and technological developments are not stopped, it is not always easy to manage and develop sports facilities.

By our knowledge of sports fields and facilities to be combined with all the outside influences, it is our commitment to achieve the best possible sports venues.


With our knowledge and expertise we can assist you with:

  • Soil survey;
  • Advice on soil stabilization for top layer of non grass fields (low budget fields);
  • Maintenance, renovation and construction advice for all types of outdoor sports flooring;
  • Advice for the choice of type sports flooring for all types of outdoor sports like: soccer, rugby, tennis, hockey, and basketball;
  • Design plans for outdoor sports facilities;
  • Supervision of construction / project management;
  • Total solutions: design and construct sport fields.


Our service is custom made to your needs and driven by the passion to achieve sports facility for everybody.

Shongi field next to townships (JHB)

Design and supervision Happy Feet for DreamFields

Hockey field at Table View High School in Cape Town

Total design and construction by Happy Feet sports systems and Easygrasse


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