Happy Feet sports systems stands for design and building of sports fields, for innovations and high quality solutions.

Water, a more and more scare product, plays an important role in these innovations.

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GreenSource – Drinking Water and Sports


At the Moedwil School near Rustenburg, South Africa, the first GreenSource sports field was built in 2015. The sub base for this sports field is prefabricated 90% hollow material, which is the tank to store water.

This water is a combination of rainwater and bore hole water and stored in the field under cool conditions. The water is specially purified as drinking water for the school, with more than 700 children and staff and for the people who live near to the school.


Happy Feet sports systems did the technical overall design for the project and did the installation of the total field (sub base with water storage, shock pad, artificial grass) and all pipe works around the field.


The GreenSource is supplying the Moedwil school with good quality drinking water, which was not available before.  The client, the Moedwil school, is very happy and satisfied with the GreenSource field for Drinking Water and Sports.


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